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Hyperfloor Mechanically Polished Concrete & Honed Concrete

SMART-CRETE FLOORS know that creating your new home or renovating your existing one is Exciting! However we also know your needs vary from one situation to another, so we offer a range of concrete surface coatings solutions. Concrete is the most popular floor construction material used today because of its versatility and low maintenance finish with long lasting durability, healthier environment, stylish & affordable. Let us help you decide on the right options and answer your polished concrete questions to ensure the floor you want is the floor you get?

HYPERFLOOR is our preferred polished concrete system. It is produced by grinding the concrete surface with diamonds to reveal or expose the aggregate within the slab. New and existing concrete slabs can be ground and polished to reveal partial or full exposure of the aggregate. This is suitable for residential, commercial & industrial areas. In domestic situations it is the sensuality and lustre of the finish which makes it the best choice. In industrials use its ability to withstand heavy traffic including forklifts. In situations such as restaurants, busy retail outlets it is valued for both of these qualities.

HONED CONCRETE is very similar to polished concrete, great for external surfaces like outdoor entertaining areas, pool surrounds, pathways, driveways etc. We cut the concrete to reveal the level of exposure you have selected being either full depth, partial or salt & pepper. We then grind the concrete to approx. 80grit depending on the environment & apply a sealer to protect the surface. The sealers used would either be a penetrating or a surface sealer with the addition of grip additive. *Please also note we are licensed applicators to apply sealing products.

With our hands on polishing experience, and constantly keeping up to date with the latest equipment & products SMART-CRETE FLOORS has the ability to handle large scale projects in a timely & professional manner. Like to have a chat about your project call into our office/showroom.

Floor preparation & levelling

We specialise in all types of demolition & floor prep. The key to the success of any flooring system is in preparation of the existing substrate.


Polished concrete benchtops

We once again offer our customers DIFFERENCE. Imagine your indoor kitchen or barbeque area with polished concrete benchtops.


Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings & Flake Floors have been around for years but now there are more options available and the products used are more durable.


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