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SmartCrete is North Queensland’s premier floor polishing specialist. With 20 years of experience polishing floors in the Tropics we can deliver you the floor of your dreams. Building your new home, renovating your existing home or opening a business is very exciting and the choice of flooring is often the most difficult one. SmartCrete can offer you a solution to suite your specific needs. Concrete is most popular floor construction material and we are experts is bringing out the best in the material. We have a solution to suit any job, large or small. If you would like to have a chat about your project call into our office/showroom today.

All Floor Coatings & Sealers must be applied by a QBCC licensed applicator

SmartCrete Floors have all their licenses in place

HIPERFLOOR® or Mechanically Polished Concrete

Offers you the very best in polished concrete and is our preferred polishing system. Visually stunning flooring that is both highly abrasion resistant and low maintenance. HIPERFLOOR® is a premium system which uses only the best grinding, grouting, polishing and sealing technology available. Using only the best materials also means, we can achieve the highest quality concrete finish available for the project. A densification product is used to harden the concrete surface allowing it to be polished to a gloss finish, similar to natural stone. Also HIPERFLOOR® there is no requirements for reapplications of topical coatings in order to maintain a desired finish. Despite glossy appearance HIPERFLOOR® has a high coefficient so can be installed to conform to a variety of slip resistance.

SmartCrete Floors are N.Q. Leaders in HIPERFLOOR® mechanically polished concrete designed to outlast and outperform other alternatives including Epoxy, Carpet, Tiles, Vinyl, Timber flooring and thin film coatings.

HIPERFLOOR® is perfectly suited to Domestic,Retails,Commerical & Industrial areas.

Grind & Seal Polished Concrete FLoor

This process is suitable for full & random exposure applications. Floor is smooth ground and finished with a sealer. Grind and seal is machine grinding to the desired exposure followed by a surface sealer of either acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane, giving the concrete a matt, satin or gloss look. A non slip option is also available for outdoor concrete surfaces where slippage mat occur such as ramps, walkways, pations or alfresco areas.

The following procedure is undertaken:

  • Grind with 30 grit to desired exposure
  • Grind with 60 grit to remove scratches
  • Grind with 120 grit to remove fine scratches
  • Thoroughly clean and apply a minimum of 2 coats of sealer

Some concrete when ground will require grouting to fill holes and imperfections in the surface resulting in a better overall look. These floors may require recoating in 3-4 years depending on the amount of trafiic and environmental exposure.

Honed concrete

Honed concrete is essentially the first 2-3 stages of polished concrete.

After the concrete has been placed it is left to set for a period of time, before advanced grinding machine’s are used to remove the top layer of concrete to expose the decorative aggregate within the mix. Once the desired appearance has been achieved it is then cleaned and a penetrating sealer is applied.

Honed Concrete does not have the wet look appearance, unless you seal with a topical sealer. Honed concrete is perfectly suited to:

  • Garages, rumpus rooms and utility areas
  • Showrooms, industrial sheds and warehouses
  • Driveways, alfresco areas, patio’s and pool surrounds


Epoxy Floor Coatings & Flake Floors

Absolutely anything is possible with Epoxy floor coatings & flake floors. The combinations of looks and texture is infinite – only limited by your imagination. Epoxy floors are extremely durable and are cost effective and low maintenance.Epoxy floor is a coating applied over the top of an existing floor, seamlessly creating a new surface that is easy to clean and maintain. For a more interesting finish, coloured flakes can be added to the epoxy floor creating a speckled finish. At SmartCrete we deal with all leading Epoxy Companies to give you results that are demanded by Architects.

Epoxy flooring is perfectly suited to:

  • Garages, rumpus rooms, utility areas
  • Showrooms, schools, hotels, kitchens
  • Showrooms, industrial sheds, warehouses 

Demolition & preparation

As with all things, perfect preparation makes for an outstanding result. This is particularly true of polished concrete and epoxy floors. If you are considering any new floor application, removing the existing flooring and preparation is the key to success. SmartCrete specialises in the removal of tiles, vinyl, carpet adhesives, paints, old epoxy coatings – just about anything. We also specialise in matching aggregate, filling of holes and the treatment of concrete in preparation for polishing.

We use the latest machinery and technology such as dust controlled diamond grinding machines and 3 phase vacuums. If your floor needs levelling we are experts in applying the compound to rectify uneven, old, chipped, rain damaged or poorly finished slabs.

There is not a floor we cannot fix or polish.

SmartCrete specialise in levelling of floors for all applications.